L`Abel FDC dress

I belive i got the funniest Challenge.(and so so so glad i made it before I got sick)

Jamie Holmer made my challenge,and below my dress  is the picture i had to find inspiration of.

The result is a gown  with textures made out of a beetles shell and a flowers petal.

You can find my dress and all the other FDC outfits etc.  HEREcarabinae21bille


~ av neferia den 05/05/2009.

3 kommentar to “L`Abel FDC dress”

  1. […] If you are curious about the challenge I defined for Neferia Abel (Ivalde) continue reading here. […]

  2. […] Read more about this challenge and see pictures of the inspiration HERE […]

  3. Your dress is one of my fav, Nef! Shhhh…. the other designers cannot know that 😉
    I’m glad too you made it before got sick, and I wish you will be 100% recover for the next edition of our challenge! 🙂

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